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Can you introduce yourself? My name is Constanza, I'm 29, from Chile. I studied cinema but I'm working now as a teacher. I've a dog called Lily, who sometimes appears in my videos and I'm sure that if she had a channel of her own she would have more visitors than I do! Why did you choose to become a beauty youtuber? I used to watch a lot of beauty channels and I really enjoyed how the YouTubers and the subscribers were interacting. I wanted to be part of this world in order to exchange with people that could have the same interests and worrie as me, sharing with them my experiences. What is your personal story with spots? I've always had a sensitive skin, and when I was a teenager some spots began to show up on my forehead, my nose and my chin. In some teenage magazine, I read that toothpaste helped to dry spots, so I tried it. I slept all night long with toothpaste on my spots. In the morning I woke up with a dry and mint-scented skin. After I tried a lot of home-made medicine, I realized that. I needed dermo-cosmetics.

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