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Can you introduce yourself? I'm Betsy Saul, 30 years old fashion journalist from Buenos Aires. People are usually really surprised when I tell them I'm super shy, because I seem so outgoing in my videos. But the truth is it takes me a really long time (and such a big effort) to start a conversation. Once I've started though and I'm comfortable with you, that's another story. Why did you choose to become a beauty youtuber? I was working as PR in a tech company and really missed writing so I started my blog in 2009. Then things started flowing smoothly and I decided to become an independent freelance professional. With that in mind I was able to start the magazine. My YouTube channel was my last addition to the Segui la moda family. I really love sharing my stories with other people and helping others build their own image. What is your personal story with spots? I started having spots when I was really young and it was so hard for me because of all the bullying I would get at school. It was actually one the things that made me so insecure about my image. I would try pretty much anything to get rid of them and make my skin looked better. It took me a long time to accept it and now that I found the treatment for me I feel way better.

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